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  • These Vertical Monitors are Awesome

    These vertical monitors are awesome.

  • Fancy Images – An iPhone 4/4S Multi-App Workflow

    In a span of one year, I’ve transitioned from a Blackberry Bold 9700, an LG Optimus V and finally ending up with refurbished iPhone 4.  The iPhone 4 has a great camera and has effectively replaced my Lumix LX3 as my point-and-shoot of choice. All that without taking up much real estate in my pocket. …

  • The Difference Between 2007-10/11

    2010  2011

  • NYCSSC Dodgeball – Ball Hogs on Flickr. I signed up for a Dodgeball league here in the city. This is my team, The Ball Hogs.

  • Hi JC, this is Cassandra and I’m sorry I missed your call and I got your text message and showing we are on tomorrow. It’s 1 o’clock. So it’s coming from Brooklyn Heights. You can take the and or the tutoring all the way down to the last top of Queens, which is sounds good. Morris…